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 The burial of my sister

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Cantidad de envíos : 1124
Edad : 41
Localización : Palacio de las Aguas
Fecha de inscripción : 21/02/2008

Hoja de personaje
Nombre: Elwing Anarion
Edad: 450
Raza: Elfo/elfa

MensajeTema: The burial of my sister   Lun Nov 03, 2008 1:17 pm

A guard equipped with terrible sword drawn and spades patrol around his palace.
Constitute the place of his confinement, and ensures that no lie ever followed two nights the same for fear of being slaughtered. Does not know neither friendship nor sweet delights, all the more sweet. If you are talking about seeking happiness, feels that it flees away from him and who refuses to enter his heart. His eyes sunken eyes cast sinister; incessantly moves in all directions; pays attention to the lower noise and was startled when it summoned; is pale, dejected, and the most serious concerns are reflected in his face.
Shut up, sighs, throws deep sighs, and you can not hide the remorse lacera that their entrails. The most exquisite foods you dislike. His family, rather than their hope, is a cause of their terror; has made them its most dangerous enemies.
It has neither a time of tranquility, but is not retained by dint of shedding the blood of all those they feared.
Reckless, not because their cruelty, in which trust, you will perish!
Any of their household, as bloodthirsty as he is rush to rid the world of this monster.

La sabiduría es conocer lo que se debe hacer; la virtud es hacerlo.
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The burial of my sister
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